Welcome to position schedule & booking system

» This site is temporarily under construction. «

In the future we try to offer a dynamic position over-
view and controller booking system which will be placed
here and hopefully connected to EuroScope ATC Client.

Features (done, in progress, idea):
parsing of vatsim datafile and script handling
auto-alert and -reload in case of outdated data
web-interface for pilots to book positions before logging in (dep. & arr.)
web-interface for controllers to assign/block positions (dep. & arr.)
ASR files on server: 5 (mouseover for details)
Visual files on server: 7 (mouseover for details)
ASR file structure to generate the 'visual file' automatically
AFC-support to generate ES-ASR- and GateSchedule-datafile automatically
ES-plugin interface for controllers to assign/block positions (dep. & arr.)

Have fun exploring this site by now but remember:
Test in progress, do not put your full trust on the content ;o)

Regards, Ben Hofer [EDLL RG]
P.S.: You are kindly invited to report bugs to me :)